Anonymous said: Have you seen her threads in the Calorie Count forums? She's replaced most of her posts with gibberish, but there's a locked thread called "Losing Weight and Maintaining after Binge/Starve Cycle" that she started last January where she pretty much states that she was eating 200 cals per day and working up to 600 cals per day. She's seriously discorded and should not be anyone's role model! Thank you for helping to spread the truth!

I have seen it, and it’s very sad to see that she has suffered like that. I do want to point out though that even if she WAS/IS disordered, I don’t want to expose her or speculate about it without her coming forward first. I do know these posts have gained a lot of attention lately so I will address it. This is exactly why I’m apprehensive of her giving diet tips to ANYONE, because as a disordered person I wouldn’t dream of starting a blog full of horrible, unhealthy tips under the guise of it being a HEALTHY lifestyle change. She needs help and support and while I do not agree with her blog and the advice she gives, I don’t have an issue with her as a person. If she IS disordered I hope she uses the popularity she has gained as a support system and I wish her a healthy happy life

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