EXPOSING: Taralynns disordered eating habits and fat phobia

As anyone who follows undressedskeleton, they have probably realized that in Taralynns mind, being fat is almost always equal to being unhealthy. She swears she just cares for “your health” but in reality, like most of the world, she’s just plain fat phobic. Now fat phobia is the insistence that being over weight means you are a lazy, gluttonous, slob. It’s the media sensation around the so-called “obesity epidemic”, and it’s the belief that being fat makes you undesirable and unworthy. I can’t put the blame all on her, it’s society that has shoved this down our throat since we were old enough to process what being fat was. But if she as concerned with the health and happiness of her readers like she claims, she should be dispelling these rumors and not regurgitating the same garbage that makes these young girls seek a better, thinner life in the first place. 

Being fat isn’t bad, let’s get this out of the way. The fat acceptance movement has been growing, and more over weight people have been coming forward and expressing that not only are they happy the way they are, but they live healthy, active, fulfilling lives. Shocking notion,  I know. But regardless of this, people are still bombarded with societies beauty ideals. Tumblr is FULL of photos of thin, waif-ish white women reblogged a thousand times over. Magazine are still printing articles about how to get “the perfect beach bod in ten days!” or “how to eat chocolate but stay thin!”. The emphasis on weight is astounding, and it’s effects can be devastating. 

Taralynn is part of the problem, not the solution. Her “brief biography” http://undressedskeleton.tumblr.com/mystory is full of self loathing for her fat former self. Everything wrong in her life was directly correlated to her weight. She claims that as she lost weight, all her problems magically melted away with the pounds. This is so, so damaging to girls who feel like IF only they lost a few pounds, all their issues would be fixed. That life would be brighter and easier! So of course they are going to see how she did it. That is where the BIG issue of this blog take place. 

First of all, Taralynn’s eating is disordered. There is NO DOUBT about this. Now, disordered eating doesn’t automatically mean someone suffers from an eating disorder. It does, however, mean that she is walking on the edge and could possibly fall off that cliff. And the same goes for the young women and men who follow her tips and tricks. 

Undressedskeletons disordered eating habits:

Reading over her blog, I found it extremely triggering as someone who struggles with an eating disorder. So many of her “tips and tricks” read like they were taken directly out of a pro-anorexia how-to guide. Some of them:

Her portion sizes are very, very small. I understand that portion sizes are something that most people struggle with, but 120 calories for an entree is just not enough. 


Calorie 65 for 1 1/2 cup 18g carbs 4g protein 0 fat

HALF a CUP?? 65 Calories?? This is not an entree, this is a snack. I understand that she probably means to pair it up with side dishes but still, if her entree is 65 calories, I’d hate to see how many calories her side dishes are. 

Skimpy Shrimp Cocktail

Calories 95 Fat 0 Protein 13 Carbs 15

Skimpy is right. FOUR SHRIMP. FOUR. 95 calories! This is madness. Four shrimp is NOT an entree, four shrimp is not filling or satisfying. But hey, it’s low in calories right? that’s all that matters in taralynns world

Tropical Egg Bowls

Calories for one egg half - 11 calories

Do I even have to say anything more? The fact that she is promoting these as entrees is scary and unhealthy. 

another disordered eating habit Taralynn hands out as a “tip” is weird food combinations. Anyone who has struggled from an eating disorder has done this. It’s packing as much flavor into as few calories as you can. Some people smother everything in yellow mustard. Taralynns condiment of choice isn’t even a condiment, it’s SUGAR FREE JELLO PACKETS. 

powdered sugar free jello on orange slices? Seems legit.

frozen yogurt cookies with greek yogurt and sugar free jello powder

Greek yogurt pops flavored with sugar free jello powder

Air popped popcorn with sugar free jello packets sprinkled on top

sugar free jello yogurt something or another

plain fruit with sugar free jello powder

kitty chow dusted with sugar free pudding powder

again, pops with greek yogurt and sugar free jello

carrots and sugar free jello powder

I do not have it in me to continue, but literally every other recipe contains sugar free jello powder in some form or another. She claims on her page that she uses sugar free jello powder to encourage people who don’t like fruit or vegetables to eat them, but she loves fruits and vegetables yet constantly posts about smothering them in this dusty powder. Why? Because it’s a disordered eating habit, that’s why. What nutritional value does SF jello HAVE that makes this health conscious girl coat almost every nutritional thing she eats in it? It’s just adding (a minuscule amount) empty calories to an otherwise HEALTHY food. 

Other disordered eating habits include…

Packing a healthy snack bag on a road trip and then staying up all night JUST to sleep in the car so she wouldn’t be tempted to binge out of boredom

Eating her soup with a fork to avoid extra calories and extra sodium

Splitting a six inch subway turkey sandwich (which is already less than 250 calories) with her mom just to keep her placated enough until they got to the hotel

Ate a very low calories meal and walked home instead of riding with her family so she could “digest” her dinner before bed

These are NOT normal eating behaviors and these are NOT eating behaviors that should be followed. 

p.s. I’ve noticed I’ve picked up a few followers since my first post. I have submissions open so if you want to say something about undressedskeleton please don’t hesitate to say it! I will post it as long as it’s appropriate

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